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A Touch of Anime
So as requested by Unwinged, I put up Kyo's pic here. Ahhhh my kind of guy but he could do a little romantic side so it's not all about killing and fighting monsters.

Aside from that, Misery do loves company, I got toothache and swollen eyes and a boring day. I cant eat and it's truly annoying! I need painkiller please!

It's funny when you have toothache, you long to eat those that are forbidden, like Ice Cream and Chocolates! And now I drool for a Big Breakfast at Mcdonalds.

I really want to go back home to Jakarta with Rie, I need money!!! Money come to Mama!

Geez even smoking is not so delicious when you have a toothache, my hair is still falling, I might be bald soon, I think.

OH!!! Ice Age the Meltdown and Ultra Violet are showing at Cinemas, I might watch Ice Age tomorrow!

♥♥♥ Susan

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ThirteenBad LucksI had in March 2006

(1) I didnt get the Visa
(2) I have a toothache
(3) My eyes swollen
(4) I might not be able to go home to Jkt
(5) No money
(6) People pissed me off
(7) I couldnt get my mom a fridge (see no.5)
(8) I gotta fake orgasm
(9) Skype isnt a thing for my dear ears
(10) My hair is getting thinner
(11) Im still confused about my near future
(12) Still have to stick with "K" coz no money
(13) What is love, anyway?

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♥♥♥ Susan

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V for Vendetta!
I watched this movie last night, I thought it was cool in the beginning and then turned to boring in the middle and then sad ending, so I guess I am disappointed watching it, oh well Politic is never my strong point and frankly my dear....I dont give a damn (as quoted from Gone with the wind's movie if you dont know those lines).

Anyway, the cinema is under construction, I dont know if they wanted to make it bigger or adding more shops on the same floor at Causeway Point. There werent many people watching the movie, maybe because it's a weekday. I always bought food from outside the cinesnacks and put it in my bag and eat it when the lights goes off hehehe, I know i'm bad, but I just dont really like popcorn or nachos anymore, besides they sell the food there so bloody expensive!

I bought Burger King and ate it inside while watching the movie. I went home and watch a japanese cartoon dvd called "Kyo" and just like Vendetta, it started so good but then I got bored with alot of fighting and less romance, I wish those who made the cartoon have more romantic side in them and less thirst for blood and monster, too many digimon or pokemon could drive me insane!

It's been awhile since I've read any books or comics. I might just start reading again and add more books to my collection.

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 28 March 2006 at 9:13 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 5 Comments

Night Market
I went to Pasar Malam or Night Market near my appartment, I love it when they have it here, they have rows of nice food and cheap stuff! I bought some cds and of course lots of food! my fave is Okonomiyaki and Wadeh, hard to explain what they are suffice it to say, they're my fave!!

I'm thinking to go back to Jakarta together with Marie, but she has bought her ticket and I called the travel agent she bought the ticket from to check if they have available seat on the same plane she'll be. The good news is the seat is there but not sure for how long, but the bad news is, it's more expensive than rie's! So i'm still thinking if I wanted to buy return ticket or one way. The decision is on monday!

If things are okay, i'll be flying back to Jakarta with Rie on the 5th of April.

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 25 March 2006 at 2:26 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 4 Comments


Thirteen Reasons I'm going back to Jakarta

(1) Saying goodbye to Singapore
(2) Flying home with marie
(3) Staying with Connie for few days
(4) Eating food that I've missed for ages
(5) Being with my family again
(6) Getting closer to God
(7) Being somewhat away from the Internet
(8) Visit my dad's grave
(9) Looking for a place for a friend's stay
(10) Getting a new hair look
(11) Learn how to cook
(12) Change my number to Indonesian's number
(13) Thank God for cheap Ciggies!

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♥♥♥ Susan

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Bad Day!

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 22 March 2006 at 5:12 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 5 Comments

My Weekend
Not much happened on weekend, I was catching up with sleep which was good. My sister got online and told me that the last batch of photos when I was in Holland has been developed and she was trying to send them to me through msn but always failed coz the files are too large.

Thanks Cee for the DjiSoeSan pic hahaha I love it! What else? I didnt go out but I'll go out on Tuesday or Wednesday, to buy an apple vinegar that Cee reccommended for digestion. I also wanted to go out to the mall just window shop. I cant wait till Tuesday *secretive mode*.

Had Spaghetti for dinner with prawns in it, not bad at all. Watched TV and the encore of American Idol. I think Ace is HOT! but I love mandisa, she has a great voice!

I'm eating OREO now with half peanut butter and half chocolate cream filling, yumm too bad I dont have milk for that.

I'm doing alot of online quizzes again and put them on HERE.

Back to Quizzes...

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 20 March 2006 at 3:24 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 3 Comments

I need Sleep!
I still think that I need more sleep, but each time I try to sleep, I couldnt, I tried to switch on the TV so I could fall asleep while watching and it didnt work so I put my mp3 on and played the soft songs , I drifted to sleep and when it's off by itself I automatically woken up, coz it wasnt a dreamless sleep but rather like many scenes were playing in my subconscious according to the songs that played.

The Foodcourt near me has ayam panggang, although it's way different from ayam panggang in Indonesia but the taste was not so bad at all. I ordered the same menu each time I went there and the third time I went there, they are out of stock! So I switched to Japanese food which is quite nice. Teriyaki is my favorite.

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 17 March 2006 at 2:07 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 4 Comments

Beauty Care
I finally had a good sleep today. Went to bed at 11am and woke up at 7pm, I really had a relaxing day today, watched tv and was lying down on the bed with Neutrogena Facial Fairness masker for a good 20 minutes, I feel so fresh although I do still have bags under my eyes which I need to rectify it soon, I might go out tomorrow to Guardian Pharmacy and find something for my eyes.

I was browsing and finally, after a long search to find an old song from Fariz RM called "Sakura", I got it!!! I'm so happy! I've been in love with that song since years years ago when I was young, I heard it again when it was sung by Rossa on TV and it inspired me again to find that song online and yes I got it...hahaha

Back to Cee...

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 13 March 2006 at 3:49 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 5 Comments

The Underworld Evolution
I Watched the 9pm show of The Underworld Evolution. Much better than the previous ones I think, but it's abit looks like "Lord Of The Ring", Anywayz i always enjoy Vampire's movies so I loved it.

I saw Milla Jovovich's new movie is coming out soon called "Ultra Violet", it's almost the same like "Aeon Flux", Girls rule!! next that i want to watch is the new "Big Momma's".

"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is showing on Channel 5 right now, I love Sean Connery and Stuart Townsend. Yeah although I've watched it before, it's a habit of mine to watch a movie over and over again, especially those that i love!

Back to watching...

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 12 March 2006 at 8:59 PM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 6 Comments

Final Destination 3
I went to see Final Destination 3 today and it's better and more gory than the other two of their movies. I swear I jumped a few times each time someone died one by one hahaha. I dont particularly like gory or horror or thriller movies but well i guess I didnt what i was thinking when I bought the ticket.

I swear I dont want to go for a roller coaster ride anymore after seeing this movie hahaha, It's just too gory! the point of this movie is that no one can cheat deaths, when your time is up, that's it! no matter what you do to avoid it wont matter at all.

Anywayz, I might go and watch Underworld Evolution on weekend or the new Big Momma movie. I went to the 7/11 store after the movie, bought a cig, 2 bottles of wines (red and white), and a packet of peanuts for tidbits. I saw a sushi shop was about to closed and so I bought 9 pieces of sushi too.

Put on my MP3, smiling happily on the bus ride home. Got online and pour some red wine and listening to 50 cent "Candy Shop".

Next....Sushi Time!

♥♥♥ Susan

posted on 11 March 2006 at 3:09 AM | Permalink | Post a Comment | 1 Comments

The Best Cure!
I feel fine again after a lot of rest and the best cure of all, Panadol Red! I've been catching up some sleep and I did sleep alot these few days. I'm ready to take on the world again!

About my previous posts, I purposely deleted them for reasons that I cant say it here. I might be changing blogspot to blogsome, what think you of that?

anywayz, I'm watching "Eiffel...I'm in love" indonesian movie, I didnt know i have the vcd when i was trying to find something to watch, and when I see the Eiffel tower, it reminds me when I was there in Paris, how magnificent it is from exactly below the tower, too bad I didnt go up to the top, maybe one day when i go there again.

Back to the movie..

♥♥♥ Susan

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